Sunday School

Harvester's Class

The Harvesters Sunday School Class is an extension of the discipleship ministry of Central Baptist Church and is a fellowship of caring adults desiring to grow in Christ.

The class meets in the music room on the second floor of the gymnasium and consists of single & married couples, mainly from the early-thirty to mid-forty age group; the class is taught by Peter Fury.

The class begins with announcements at 10:00 AM after a brief time of informal fellowship. After taking praises & prayer requests from the week the class has a time of prayer and joins together in a hymn before the Bible lesson.

Generally, either the class studies a Bible topic, or the teacher outlines a book of the Bible in detail week by week. The class has previously studied the book of Ecclesiastes as well as the topics of “How to apply the Bible in our daily lives” & “Ways to be an effective Christian – being like Christ.” Questions are always welcomed in this class.

Please come join us for fellowship and Christian growth if you are in the thirty to forty+ age group.

Encouragement & Resources

We hope these materials on the Bible will be a help as you grow in your Christian walk.

36-Week Bible Reading Plan

This verse by verse study through each book in the Bible teaches doctrine and application.

Encouraging Booklets

These materials are written to help edify and help you grow in your walk with God.

Sermon Archive

Each week, Dr. Bloom opens the Bible to bring insight & direction from God's Word.

A question For You

If You Were To Die Today, Are You 100% Sure You'd Be In Heaven, Or Would You Have A Doubt?