Sunday School

Senior Ambassadors

This class is designed primarily for those persons who are sixty-five years of age and older, but some of our attendees are younger than sixty-five.  Dr. Lewis Woodard, teaches the class, but is also assisted by Mr. Gary Neron. 

The class is very active.  Many class members are part of the Senior Ambassador’s bowling league that meets on Thursday mornings throughout the fall, winter, and into early spring.  The class also participates in having carry-in dinners on the grounds in our school cafeteria.  Dinners are usually held on the third or fourth Saturday of the month at noon, beginning in September and ending in April of the next year.  We will sing, complete word puzzles, play games, hear personal testimonies from the members, have devotions, and more.  

The class will occasionally take trips to somewhat local restaurants or other places of interest.  Class members can ride together on one of the air-conditioned church buses for a small fee, or drive themselves.  We have a wonderful time of fellowship and food.  Visitors will find this class to be very friendly and loving. We meet for class in the main Church auditorium at 9:45 – 10:45 

We hope to see you join us soon!

Encouragement & Resources

We hope these materials on the Bible will be a help as you grow in your Christian walk.

36-Week Bible Reading Plan

This verse by verse study through each book in the Bible teaches doctrine and application.

Encouraging Booklets

These materials are written to help edify and help you grow in your walk with God.

Sermon Archive

Each week, Dr. Bloom opens the Bible to bring insight & direction from God's Word.

A question For You

If You Were To Die Today, Are You 100% Sure You'd Be In Heaven, Or Would You Have A Doubt?