Sunday School

Teen Classes

This class is for those in high school. This class is taught by Ruben Castillo, youth minister of the teen ministries of Central Baptist Church. Their class lessons include handout material. 

They also take time out to discuss important points of God’s Word as it applies to their daily life as they study the Word. Their activities have included camping out, going to ball games, and meeting in homes or restaurants for special activities and fellowship.

Encouragement & Resources

We hope these materials on the Bible will be a help as you grow in your Christian walk.

36-Week Bible Reading Plan

This verse by verse study through each book in the Bible teaches doctrine and application.

Encouraging Booklets

These materials are written to help edify and help you grow in your walk with God.

Sermon Archive

Each week, Dr. Bloom opens the Bible to bring insight & direction from God's Word.

A question For You

If You Were To Die Today, Are You 100% Sure You'd Be In Heaven, Or Would You Have A Doubt?