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Going Verse By Verse Through The Bible

The Bible stands like a rock undaunted mid the raging storms of time; its pages burn with the truth eternal, and they glow like a light sublime. The Bible stands tho the hills may tumble, it will firmly stand when the Earth shall crumble; I will plant my feet on its firm foundation for the Bible stands. 

These are the words of the introductory song to the Lamp and Light broadcast.  Dr. Bloom felt a great need as he would listen to radio programs that did not exposit the Word of God and while filling the airways with religious psychological babbling.

The goal is to go verse by verse through a book of the Bible, making sure to point out doctrinal teaching and application.  It is to edify hungry seeking souls of Christians, while at the same time preaching the truth in love, giving the gospel as it is to men as they are, hoping to bring lost souls to the Savior.

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